Landscaping Services Midlothian, TX

Landscaping and Lawn Care in Midlothian, TX

Choose Tommy LoCastro Landscaping for landscaping and lawn care in Midlothian, TX. Your yard becomes a landscaping model when you leave it in the hands of Tommy LoCastro Landscaping's crew. From mulching services to weed prevention, we do what is necessary to make your landscaping look amazing. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Landscaping and Lawn Care in Midlothian, TX

Lawn Care, Mowing & Trimming

The grass is trimmed on both sides of your driveway and fence, and all around any trees in your yard. All areas receive an even cut.

We use a variety of methods to improve the health and look of your lawn. They include mulching the clippings into the lawn, leaving the clippings on the grass, or bagging the clippings and cleaning the lawn. Additionally, we pick up all the leaves. Whatever method you prefer leaves your lawn with a nice, clean appearance.

Our crew recommends having your grass cut or trimmed every 7-10 days for optimum results, and you can schedule ongoing appointments. If you need mowing and trimming done at a specific time, we set up times that are convenient for you.

Landscaping, Mulching & Stone

Dress up your landscaping with mulch in colors such as black, brown, and red. We think that red and dark mulch makes a property look especially outstanding particularly in the fall. Scotts is the brand we use for mulching services, but we will use whatever product you request.

In addition to making your yard look great, mulch helps with weed control. We recommend mulching your plants and flowers every 2 weeks. If you don't want mulch, we turn over your plant and flowerbeds to renew them and install peat moss to give your garden color.

River rock is another popular landscaping option that enhances flowerbeds and areas around plants. It's pink, gray, and white colors complement all types of plants and flowers. Pebble stones also give your landscaping a neat and organized look.

Planting, Weeding & Gardening

We help you cultivate healthy and beautiful flowers and plants with fertilizing and weed prevention. Service includes turning over the dirt, applying plant fertilizer, and mixing up and watering the soil to nourish it. Additionally, we trim plants and remove weeds to promote healthy growth.