Landscaping Services Midlothian, TX

Efficient Landscaping and Lawn Care in Midlothian, TX

Turn to Tommy LoCastro Landscaping for all your landscaping and lawn care in Midlothian, TX. Our skilled team transforms your property’s lawns into beautiful landscapes. Contact us for a free estimate and let our team make your landscaping look amazing.

Landscaping and Lawn Care in Midlothian, TX

Mowing and Trimming

Ensure your lawns always look their best by letting our team mow your grass. We use the latest techniques and equipment to cut the grass around your lawns, ensuring your entire yard has an even appearance. We can then either mulch the clippings into your lawn or clear them away in bags. In either case, the result is a clean and neat appearance. We recommend that your lawn be trimmed every 7 to 10 days for the optimal health of your grass.

Mulching and Stone Work

As part of our landscaping services, our team offers mulching and stoneworking to dress up the appearance of your yard. By adding these features to your lawn, you will make your whole landscape stand out while also highlighting your gardens and flowerbeds. The reds and blacks of mulch look especially great in the fall, while the pink and white river rocks we use easily complement all types of flowers and plants.

Weeding and Gardening

Our team will help you cultivate beautiful flowers and plants with proper fertilization and weed prevention. By taking care of your gardens, we will ensure that your plants are healthy and that weeds and other pests are removed. This way, your property will always look it’s best.