Corrective Cleaning & Full-Service Pool Maintenance in Midlothian, TX

Tommy LoCastro Landscaping will take care of your pool in addition to working on your yard. We inspect your pool and do corrective pool cleaning to remove leaves, dirt, and other impurities. Your pool gleams when we perform your full-service pool maintenance in Midlothian, TX.

Pool Maintenance

The filter in your swimming pool cannot do the job of cleaning alone. Someone has to go into the pool to clean the bottom and sides by hand. We use a special cloth and a brush for detailed pool cleaning.

After we clean your pool, we test the water to figure out what chemicals might need to be added. The proper chemicals help make your pool's water crystal clear. If you have a larger pool, the cleaning process could take longer than normal.

Pricing depends on what, if any, chemicals need to be added to your pool. Call for more pricing details.

Worker Providing Full-Service Pool Maintenance, Midlothian, TX